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We understand that managing a blog can be a full time job and not all aspects are easy or desirable to accomplish. Let us take some of the work off your hands and allow you the time and energy to create the way you want! With our three different levels of blog management we can accommodate a variety of blog styles and needs. When you have us taking care of the back end work, you have the freedom to focus on writing, sharing, and interacting with your amazing community of readers! 

With any Blog Management Package purchased we also offer 25% off Web Creation! So if you’re just getting started and need both a website created and support with web management we’ve got you covered!


Blog Management

We currently offer blog management on a variety of hosting platforms including Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress.

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Basic Package

Price: $500/month

Our basic package is a great way to ensure that all you need to do is write (and provide photos if applicable) and rest assured that the rest is taken care of! We will take your materials and create a perfect blog post and ensure it is scheduled to post at the optimal time. We will also ensure you get a monthly report on all your posts and your site so that you can see how you are performing. We provide light SEO work for each post including creating Alt Text for your photos, tagging keywords, and meta description. We will also perform light site management to ensure all links and pop-up boxes are working properly, and troubleshoot any issues that may pop up! 

This package is perfect for weekly posting blogs looking to streamline the process a little bit to save you some time and brainpower!


  • Formatting & light editing blog posts (up to once a week, with materials supplied by the client) 

  • Schedule posting 

  • Light site management, including checking links & troubleshooting

  • Monthly Analytic Reports to see how your site is performing

  • Light SEO for individual posts, including Photo Alt Text, key words & meta descriptions.

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Intermediate Package

Price: $800/month

Our intermediate package is designed to give you the best of both worlds, including everything from our basic package to support automation & streamlined processes in your posting schedule with the addition of Bi-weekly Analytic reports, a higher level of site management such as simple page creations, and formatting subscriber emails. We also include photo sourcing and an additional blog post each week at this level. This means you can post more often and know that everything is taken care of. 

Pinterest pin scheduling can be substituted for subscriber emails at this level. 


  • Formatting & light editing blog posts including photo sourcing (up to 2 a week) 

  • Schedule posting

  • Bi weekly Anaytics reports 

  • Site management including simple page creations & editing

  • Light SEO for individual posts, including Photo Alt Text, Key words & meta descriptions

  • Subscriber email formatting (with materials provided by client)

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Deluxe Package

Price: $1,200/month

Our complex package is perfect for anyone looking to have total automation in their blog platform. This includes not only automating individual posts but maintaining your website presence in general. From full-service site maintenance to Subscriber Email Creation & automation, as well as weekly analytic reports for both your site, individual posts, and email performance. We also include SEO for your entire site and up to three blog posts per week. If you’re looking to take your blog to the next level, or you just need to know your website is taken care of fully while you create then we have got you covered. 

Pinterest pin creation & scheduling can be substituted for subscriber emails or added at an additional cost at this level. 


  • Formatting & light editing for spelling, grammar, and readability, including photo sourcing

  • Schedule posting

  • Site maintenance

  • Weekly Analytic Reposts (site & emails if applicable) 

  • Subscriber email creation

  • Full site SEO


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